Happy at Work? Beware The Velvet Coffin

Let’s face it: most career advice articles are written for people who are unhappy. They’re unemployed, underemployed, stuck in a holding pattern, working for a jerk, floundering aboard a sinking concern, unfulfilled, or unappreciated. Regardless, they want out, and who can blame them?

This missive, however, is for people on the other side of that fence. They’re happy at work. Satisfied. Maybe not doing exactly what they’ve always wanted to do, maybe bored a little too often, but it’s good enough.

Please read this wonderful article by Suzy Welch on Linkedin

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You Are the Author of Your Life: Know When to Write a New Chapter

This is an excellent article by Jan Johnston Osburn. Here are few excerpts from it – Nope, it’s not an article about leadership, quitting your job, being fired, the perils of being a Millennial, or how Facebook is dying. While those topics seem to be popular on LinkedIn, this is an article about being the author of your life book. Read the entire article on LinkedIn.

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Preventing Burnout

If constant stress has you feeling disillusioned, helpless, and completely worn out, you may be suffering from burnout.  When you’re burned out, problems seem insurmountable, everything looks bleak, and it’s difficult to muster up the energy to care—let alone do something about your situation. These coping strategies can help you heal and regain your balance.
Read the original article at helpguide.

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Beware of Advance rental plans

I would like to share my experience of Advance rental plans for internet dongles.

We have been using many internet dongles from different service providers.

In 2013, to avoid monthly rental payment hassles, I planned to go for advance rental plan for over a dozen new internet dongles.

We shortlisted a vendor and procured over a dozen internet dongles and paid all costs for the entire year.

Now after more than 8 months of the deal, here are few points:

* We paid advance amount for these connections, however, due to mistake on part of the service provider, we struggled to get the invoice for 4 months.

* The response to these have been mixed. Some users are impressed by the speed while for others it was a disaster.

* About four months back, We lost 2 dongles. Though, the service provider disabled those connections promptly, we are yet to receive the replacements.

My biggest grouse is the total lack of professionalism by the customer relationship manager. There is no response to our phones and emails.

What I have learned ?

* Never pay costs for the entire year in advance.

* Never buy dongles from the service providers, instead buy operator-free dongles and then get post paid connections. The benefit – if the user is not getting good speed in their area, they can use another sim. No long term commitments.

Will I renew these connections ? Never.

What are your views ?

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Service to Man is Service to God

It is said that Nar seva (service to man), is Narayan seva (service to God).

A rich landlord was organizing a ‘langar’ i.e. community feeding in a temple. Basically it was meant to be for poor people. They were
served rice, dal, vegetables, rotis and last of all, a mango each.
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